I Choose Love

I just don’t understand how we came to this place of “if you’re not WITH me then you must be AGAINST me.” We’re all in this together folks and don’t we all, for the most part, want basically the same things? To Love and be Loved. To feel we are equals in the eyes of our God as we know Him and in the eyes of our fellow citizens. To live in peace and not in fear. To find safety in our houses of worship or to know the freedom of choosing not to worship at all. To feel safe in the notion that when our Loved ones drive away – be they people of color or our brave brothers and sisters in law enforcement – odds are that they will return home… Unharmed and whole, just as they were when we parted.

Day after day this week my heart has been broken and the tears flowing. My heart aches for those we’ve lost and it aches for the families and Loved ones who’s lives are forever altered. We – ALL of us – are tasked with the responsibility and the choice as to the kind of society we want to create and live in. We live within a social contract and we, each of us and as a whole, determine with every choice we make, with every word we speak, and with every action we take to be the architects of our reality.

I cannot – I will not – accept that the tragic events of the past few days, months, and recent years are the only predictor of what can be. I still believe, against all current evidence to the contrary, that we live in the best nation on this planet and that our possibilities are limitless.

But, like any social contract or relationship, it requires effort and commitment and communication and the will to serve up only our best… and to recommit ourselves each day to making our collective experience just a little bit better, or at a minimum to at least do no harm.

And, maybe more than anything, it requires that we make the conscious choice to act from a place of Love as opposed to acting from a place of fear.

I choose Love.
I pray you will join me.
Much Love, Many Blessings…
August 17, 2016

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