Originally posted May 19, 2017

I was just taking my bedtime medicine and for the first time it crossed my mind “hmmm… am I due for a new patch?” NOPE

I had company yesterday! And it was awesome!

I woke up earlier than usual… and didn’t linger in my bed too long.

I took a super long walk with my Little Dude this morning and because it was still early-ish it wasn’t so hot out and we really enjoyed ourselves.

I watched an otter playing again in the lake below my balcony. (We’ve named him Eddie)

It finally rained!! Like really a lot! Although Andy wasn’t so thrilled with the thunder… he doesn’t like any kind of “booms” but we got through it. Together. Me and the man of my dreams!

I watched “Babe” again. And it choked me up. Again. But in a good, heartwarming kinda way.

We took a late walk because of the rain and I got to hear the sounds of happy treefrogs. And it brought back happy memories.

Tomorrow when I wake up, I will begin my tenth day without fentanyl.

But most of all, when I wake up tomorrow, I know I’ll still have you.

And I am blessed. ‘Night…


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