I keep thinking, “shouldn’t this be more difficult?” 🤔

I can’t say I feel great but I can’t say I feel much more pain/discomfort than on a typical not-so-good kinda day. I expected to have the fidgets and be all wiggy since that’s what would happen when I’d run late on replacing a patch. Instead I’m just feeling exhausted and a bit achey. And I’ll take that over the fidgets and being wiggy on ANY day of the week!

Maybe it’s just that I was SO ready? Or that I want this freedom for so many reasons? But methinks the biggest factor of all is the outpouring of support that I could have never anticipated. I have this bad habit of isolating myself because I don’t want to be whiney or burden others with whatever I’m dealing with. When you do that you begin to believe that you are utterly alone and living in a very small world.

So I’ve decided to give myself a gentle pat on the back for not only being on the road to finally achieving fentanyl freedom, but I’m also so glad that I had the courage to ask for help.

But me reaching out would have meant nothing had you all not extended your hands and hearts back to me. And I am so grateful.


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